Friday, June 17, 2011

My cousin Corinne - Get Well Soon!


My cousin Corinne had neck surgery yesterday --- a rather scary situation --- and is now doing okay. However she is on complete bed rest and immobilized for quite some time. I think she is in a neck brace for 6 weeks and can't lift anything for 6 months! And this is a very active woman! She is an animal woman - owns a pet sitting business as well as having a full time job. She plucks hay bales around as if they weighed nothing and moves around barns and pastures and plays with dogs and so forth all day long. I cannot even imagine how difficult the next few weeks and months are going to be for her.

Plus, today is her birthday!

So I made a Get Well card for her - a card with a saying that I found on the web and reminded me of my uncle Glen - her step-father. The card says:
"Hope you feel something similar to the way you did previous to the way you're feeling now."

The card:

I plan to keep sending her cards throughout her recovery. So I need to come up with some new ideas :)

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