Friday, June 17, 2011

Linda's Friend Card

This is a new folded card that I learned (meaning I reverse engineered) from a website I found from somewhere in Europe, and not in English! I can't find the link right now and I feel horrible about that. From now on, I will be better about keeping track of where I get my ideas and techniques. I am calling it a "Double Sided Fancy Folded Card" just because that is how I think of it but I am sure it has a "real" name somewhere.

Anyway, I figured out how to do this card and was quite pleased with the results. The directions, with American measurements, are as follows (I have a Martha Stewart Scoring Board, which I highly recommend):

I HIGHLY recommend trying to make this card with scrap paper at first - and since it only needs a 12" by 6" piece, you really have 2 practice pieces (from a 12" x 12") to use before you try it with your "real" cardstock --- use them both!

* Start with a 12" x 6" piece of cardstock
* Score down the middle, lengthwise at 3"
* Score down the sides, vertically at 2 1/4" and 9 3/4"

OK, stay with me, it gets a little tricky and involved here.
* Mark the 4" and 8" points on the top and bottom of the cardstock
* on the center score line, measure in from the left 2 7/8" and make a mark (this is 5/8" PAST the vertical score line)
* again, on the center score line, measure in from the right 2 7/8" and make a mark (this is at 9 1/8" measured from the left edge of the paper) You should again have this point be marked to the inside of the vertical score line.
* SCORE from the points you just made on the center line to the outside 4" marks - there should be 4 (four) score lines made.

Here is how your paper should look:

Now you need to start folding the paper. The green lines are MOUNTAIN folds --- the paper pushes up towards you. The red lines are VALLEY folds --- the paper folds away from you. You can see the paper goes in some tricky ways. This makes the card fold in this really cool way but also give you, the folder-er, a little bit of a headache. Basically you want the center part to point upwards while the sides fold up and out with the part in between folding inward.

I hope these instructions are as clear as mud :) If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You can always email me at

~~~gemaakt door Stina

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