Friday, June 17, 2011

Cards for Bonne & Cathy --- Envelope Easels

I was making a card for my good friends and decided to try my hand at an envelope Easel card --- which meant I had to figure out how to make envelope easel cards! So, I first attempted to make them with "scratch" paper which for me is always ORANGE paper since I am rarely using it and yet have a large quantity for some reason. :)

Once I figured out how it was going to work, I realized that the envelope part would look really cool as vellum. Anyway, I ended up doing TWO cards (kaarten in my new language of DUTCH - which I am trying to learn), one in yellow and one in purple. The yellow one I made for my friend Bonne and the purple for Cathy.

I did the yellow one with a heavy vellum and the purple card was made with a vellum from Disney's Tinkerbell collection that had stars on it --- I really liked how they turned out. However, it took A LOT of attempts to get the envelope to turn out correctly, so many attempts I am embarrassed to admit it.

The yellow one is here - I used daisy stickers as accents:

This is the purple one:

As you can see, I have shown you the easel card as they appeared when the envelope was closed and then again once the card had been removed from the envelope. I liked that the card was easily displayed on top of the easel, sort of over the envelope part.

I really like the heart shaped pearls that I have used to hold the easel up. I got these from a friend in Denmark - they are called "hjerte selvkoebende" and cost 12,00 Kr (about $2.30). MaryAnn, my friend, gets them at her local grocery store and has been very kind to me in sending me them quite often. I have never seen them at any of my local stores or anywhere on the internet.

I have also started attaching a small "how-to" sticker to the bottom of these cards to show how the easel card should be set up since these cards are not popular in America and it is a bit tricky to figure out how to display them. When I give one to a person, it is usually the first time they have gotten an easel card. I got the image from the internet, here it is:

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Hebban een mooie dag verder!

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