Friday, June 17, 2011

Flag Day Card for Keris - June 14th

I make a card for my niece for each holiday and enclose a dollar with each card. I do this because I received such a card when I was little from my Nana and I remember the excitement of both getting mail and of receiving the dollar! The dollar was also always a new, crisp dollar bill --- so I try to save up the crisp-est ones I can find for my cards to Keris - although I am not sure she notices. I do think she saves most of the money :)

I saw the inspiration (OK the card I pretty much copied exactly) on Becca Freeken's Amazing Paper Grace's Blog: Pledge of Allegiance. Becca does amazing work! I am very inspired by her use of ribbons and her YouTube video taught me (FINALLY) how to make a bow the same way each time!

Anyway, for Flag Day, here is the card I sent:

Inside, I wrote a little blurb about the adoption of the "Stars and Stripes" as our country's Flag on June 14th in 1777, the history of Betsy Ross's design, and the current specifications and care of the flag today. More information about the flag can be found on Wikipedia on these pages:

Flag Day (United States)
Betsy Ross flag
Flag of the United States

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