Monday, August 8, 2011

My backyard

So another week begins.

I spent a lot of the weekend in the backyard with my mom, working onm getting weeds out and generally keeping up with the mess I call a yard. It isn't much to write home about. I have a few fruit trees - although nothing produced this year! I have an apricot tree, a lemon tree and two peach trees (one for eating ; one for pies). Then there are several very OLD, very not healthy rose bushes and a LOT of random little rocks, weeds and sporadic landscaping. Plus, of course, numerous weeds that grow despite my use of PREEN and Round UP.

Oh, and I have 2 tomato plants - my pride and joy, the actual things that I have planted and that I care for back there!

We tried to get ahead once again, but I have finally made the decision (after living here for 2 1/2 years) to put in grass. It means doing a lot of back-breaking work to get the backyard ready to accept grass seed, but I think the grass will be easier to maintain than the rock/dirt/weed mixture I have now. So I guess I am going to try to move the rocks around, get the dirt really soaked and buy some grass seed.

My housemate has offered to take care of the lawn in the short term (she wants lawn for her little dog), so I will leave it to her as long as she comes through for me, and maybe I can get the backyard looking good in time for the fall to take over!

I guess my first stem will be to buy a new hose and splitter so I can water it while keeping my tomato set-up in place....hmm hadn't thought of that before. I wonder if you can buy hoses in 10' lengths? That is about all I need for the tomato plant project...

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