Friday, August 12, 2011

Kindness Cards

I do not think I shared with you my Kindness cards. these are the cards I sent to the gracious man who fixed my A/C and the news reporter who made it all happen. Now that I think about it --- did I share the story???

Hang on, while I go look at my posts..... (you hanging on, while I look......even though in cyber space, it does not take waiting time......) OK yes, I did tell you about it on July 31st.

But here are the cards I sent (they were a little different from each other, but not too much, you will get the idea from this one, which was Tom's the Amazing A/C guy). This is the Easel set-up, but the envelope closed:

And this is with the envelope open and the card displayed on top of the Easel:

And, finally, this is the saying on the outside of the card (which was tucked in the envelope on the Easel) -- I know a little confusing and involved, but it make for a great presentation.

Well that is that card I really wanted to share with you - I hope you enjoyed it :)
Please leave a comment of you can :)

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