Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Card - for Scott

This is the year my school friends and I all turn 40! Oh my goodness - are we really THAT old????

I am sending this card to a good friend from high school who now lives in Florida - Scott. Scott and I have had a weird up and down relationship from the get go. I met him in 8th grade and we went to a summer science school program between 8th and 9th grades together. We worked on a mouse & maze project - and wound up with a dead mouse that we buried in the front yard of the junior high in Petaluma!

Then, we were in almost every class together in high school. We were "just" friends but he wanted a whole lot more.Scott worked at McDonalds and totally feed my obsession with and love of Happy Meals - back when a Happy Meal was only offered sometimes - usually in conjunction with a movie release. I actually spent most of high school dating his best friend, but it was Scott and I who went out on dates. We use to go get all dressed up and head to San Francisco for dinners at fancy restaurants.

He turns 40 on the 22nd - Happy Birthday, Scott!

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