Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Card - for Ashli

Ashli and I have been friends since about 10th grade, although I met her in 8th - in middle school when my life sucked. Ashli was a part of the in-crowd; she was a cheerleader and Homecoming Queen. I was not in that crowd but was friends with some of the people in it - Ashli being the one whom I knew the best and liked the most. The in-crowd at my high school was affectionately knows as the "Bitch Clique." When they were all together, they sort of terrorized the school. It was a group of about 9 girls - mostly the cheerleaders - who all stuck together to put down and intimidate the other girls in the class. The popular boys did not have nearly the power or influence as these girls!

Ashli turns 40 on the 23rd!

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