Sunday, July 31, 2011

Butterfly Easel Card to Corinne

Well I am cool and collected - still very embarrassed and shamed -- I guess I know what I will be dealing with in therapy on Tuesday :)

Here is Thursday's card:

I have started my tiny little side business on eBay again - each day I make about $2, a very small amount but it adds up so that I can buy cut files from an amazing designer in England over the internet or from other websites that I like and that use PayPal for payment. I very slowly build up my PayPal account and then I can spend it on my SVG cut files. :)

My volunteer work has been growing GrOwInG GRoWInG GROwING GROWING and is now threatening to sort of take over. I was "just" a volunteer, then I started to get involved with fundraising AND volunteering. And NOW I am getting involved with Board stuff, plus publicity plus fundraising and a little "just" volunteering. I am committed to the cause - but I am realizing I need to watch myself a little bit to avoid having it get to big.

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