Sunday, July 24, 2011

Doni's Birthday Card

My friend, and the outgoing newsletter editor for the social group for which I am treasurer, Doni, is having a birthday! Her celebration takes place on Thursday so I am sending her card tomorrow (Monday) to ensure it gets there on time. Sometimes the mail in our town goes down to Sacramento to get sorted and then back up here to be delivered and sometimes it is sorted in out local post office. When it goes to Sac, it can take 3 to 4 days for a letter to get across town, otherwise it might only take a day --- you never know. So, just to be safe, I always try to mail things early.

The card I am sending didn't really photograph well --- my favorite camera set-up is not available right now - it is down at my mom's house waiting for us to do some eBay work (although we have been planning that project for a couple of months now and have not made any progress on it) --- so everything is a bit ad hoc and I am not happy with the quality. I apologize. But it is the best I have and here it is:

I like to think of birthdays as the beginning a new 365-day trip around the sun. And, for all of us this year, it is a leisurely 366-day trip (yep, 2012 is a leap-year). I need to make up a card for that....hmmmm ideas come flooding through......

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